Welcome to Ambrosia-solingen, a brand of GIM GmbH.

Here in our online shop we offer instruments for manicure, pedicure and podiatry, "Made in Solingen" which guarantees the highest quality standards.

We offer a wide range of products at attractive prices to our sophisticated private customers, pedicurists, chiropodists and select stores.

Tradition in line with innovation

The knowledge and experience of our special forge in Solingen, looks back over four generations in the art of blank and instrument forging. Only the best German stainless steel is used, which is exactly specified through our clear analysis.
Traditional craftsmanship is combined with constantly evolving modern production processes and developing of new innovative ideas and techniques to achieve perfection
This harmony between the living tradition and innovation leads to the production of first class tools "Made in Solingen", which will not disappoint even the highest of expectations.

Solingen is Solingen, a city which became a brand and a synonym for high quality worldwide. For over 800 years the best blanks, knives and tools have been produced here; established guidelines ensure only Solingen made products can bear this seal of quality.

Instrument Manufacturing

Our highest quality oriented mind set and strong desire to perfect are shared by each and every member of our team. Our highly skilled workforce produces quality instruments carefully and with great technical skill, sensitivity and attention to detail. Throughout the production process the quality is controlled and each individual product passes through a comprehensive final inspection before delivery. We strive to create new quality standards world wide. Ambrosia is committed to provide top quality beauty care Instruments (manicure, pedicure and hairdressing instruments) to its customers at competitive  prices and to ensure faster delivery of their orders from our warehouses in Germany and United States.

The Result

Small masterpieces made from steel, which also meet the highest professional standards and prove themselves through their function, aesthetics, ergonomics and long-term precision cutting ability.
In addition, the product properties such as hardness, robustness and corrosion resistance significantly determine the performance, reliability and durability of the instruments. From the very first look, excellent craftsmanship and eye catching appearance of our instruments produces the right impression. Using of only the best German stainless steel and precise finishing processes insures that our instruments are made to last and highly appreciated by beauty professionals all over the world.

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